COVID-19 Warranty Expiry Concerns

Automotive Service Operations have been classified as an essential service by the province of Ontario.  We understand there may be unexpected warranty issues with your vehicle, so we are open to assist you.  We are offering pick up and delivery service, key drop off and are taking every safety precaution possible to ensure your safety.

If you are not comfortable coming in during these times, your warranty is expiring soon, and you have an issue that might be covered under that warranty we have wanted to share the information below for your peace of mind.  We strongly encourage you to phone your servicing dealership and review your issue so that we can give you personal advice and make the appropriate notations on file for the future.

Below are notes from each manufacturer for those with questions related to warranty expiration dates.


We remain open as an essential service to accommodate all Customer maintenance and repair needs including warrantable repairs but there may be some Customers who experience the expiry of their vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty by time or distance during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

We realize there are some Customers who cannot get their vehicle to us during these times so while warranty cannot be extended, there is the possibility of goodwill coverage of up to 100% in these cases.

It is important that Customers contact the dealer to make an appointment for the service within 30 days of the local Public Health Emergency measures being lifted.

Through a case by case review, Ford of Canada and its dealers will give Customers a reasonable opportunity to receive the intended benefits of their warranties.


Kia Promise Program – Qualification, Eligibility, and Conditions:
1. Qualification:
– Customer is unable to have a valid warranty repair performed due to the COVID-19 situation
– Vehicle’s base warranty has or will expire from February 1 – April 30, 2020
– Goodwill claims accepted on these vehicles on a one-time only basis, for valid Repair Orders created up to June 30, 2020.


For customers that are comfortable bringing their vehicles to the dealership for repairs, our team continues to be fully operational and available for support. Parts distribution centers continue to provide us the necessary parts, all warranty administration is operational.

For customers that are not comfortable bringing their vehicle in to our clubhouse due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we fully stand behind our Warranty Goodwill Program and will not penalize the customer or dealer under these unique circumstances. This extension of the Warranty Goodwill Program is conditional on the dealership completing a Goodwill ticket with supporting information for our approval and customers making every effort to bring the vehicle to the dealership as soon as possible as business starts to normalize for proper diagnosis and repairs, if such repairs are required and eligible under our normal warranty program.

*Maintenance Requirements*: Our service department is open and able to perform overdue maintenance services. However we understand customers might prefer to not have their maintenance performed at this time and this delay could have implications a vehicle’s warranty. Under these unique circumstances, as a general rule, we encourage customers to make every attempt to service their vehicle as soon as possible as business normalizes and to not exceed the service interval by more than 3 months or 500 kilometers. If a customer expects to exceed the interval by more than 3 months or 500 kilometers we encourage them to reach out to us to discuss potential options. We want to protect our customer’s vehicle and preserve their warranty.


Vehicle repairs have been deemed an essential service and we’re here to help.  We are open in service to perform maintenance and service needs.

If your vehicle is coming close to the warranty expiry date or mileage we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss how we can make it convenient and safe to have the repair addressed while it is still within warranty limits.

If you are unable to get your vehicle in to us as a result of this situation or you are concerned with safety we still recommend that you reach out and discuss your concerns with our service department personnel while your vehicle is still under warranty.  We cannot extend coverage or guarantee goodwill beyond the mileage or time limits but we will do everything possible to accommodate and assist during these times.