Walkaway Risk Free Coverage

Life happens.  There are events in life that can be both planned and unplanned.  It's those that are unplanned that usually causes us the biggest stress: accidents, job loss. If you get in a car accident and can no longer work, you begin to worry about other debts that you may have.

Fortunately, when it comes to your vehicle, WALKAWAY can take some of that pressure off of you.


Job Loss Coverage

Job Loss Coverage gives you credit protection, and allows you to return your vehicle depending on the loss you have encountered. In addition, they will let you cancel from $7,500 up to $25,000 in debt.

With WALKAWAY, you can literally walk away from your debt based on a long list of health and employment reasons. Considering the first year of WALKAWAY is included with your ON Roads Protect purchase, it would be foolish to not try it out.


Total Loss Protection

If you have been involved in an auto accident, sometimes your primary auto insurance payout isn’t enough to cover the balance of what you owe to your financial institution – this shortfall is called the ‘gap’ and it’s increasing year after year amounting to several thousand dollars on average.

This is where WALKAWAY Total Loss Protection™ can help. It reduces or eliminates this ‘gap’ altogether.