Welcome 2 The Family

This is our “Welcome 2 The Family” Video Page.

A few years ago, we started doing an orientation day for new employees to tell them what we’re all about and the history of the Lally Auto Group. It turned out to be a very worthwhile exercise for everyone.

Unfortunately, the pandemic put a pause on in-person meetings and our new friends didn’t get the proper introduction to our family. After all, this has always been and will always be a family business. The same family values that served our businesses when they were small will be the ones that continue to resonate with customers today and tomorrow.

Of course, in normal times we would all get together in person and this would be a lot more personal as well, but we’ve tried to make the best of the situation and we hope that this video format allows each of you a chance a convenient way to participate in it. Also, we thought many of our long time team members might like to watch and would likely learn something new too.

Note: please accept our apologies now for any fumbling and mess ups in these videos; through this process we have an all new respect for actors and video editors!

Section 1 – Introductions and Mission Statement

In this video you’ll hear from Adam, Steve, Sandy and Vince. Their resumes and what they do. Then Adam introduces our company mission statement.

Section 2 – History

Vince talks about the history of the business and the timeline of events that have shaped the Lally Auto Group over the years.

Section 3 – Dealerships

Adam and Steve go through each dealership in the group, introducing the department managers. Apologies for the mispronunciations and wrong titles – this is what happens to your brain when a camera is pointed at you! lol

Section 4 – Important Things We Know

In this section Adam will take you through a few of our beliefs and things we’ve found to be crucial to success and growth over the years.

Section 5 – Why Buy

Adam and Steve will take you through why a customer should buy a car or service with us rather than any of the many other dealers out there.  We want you to feel confident and comfortable referring your friends and family to the place that you work and the sister stores.

Section 6 – Working At The Lally AG

Sandy and Adam talk about some ways we have fun at work, and some important things we do to stay connected with each other as team members.

Section 7 – Tools and Tips

To finish the series, Steve and Adam take you through some important tools we use. Lastly, we touch on a few more important tips for success.

Section 8 - Questionnaire

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