Tricare Plus

Tricare Plus

Up to 84 Month Coverage - For Life's Costly Mishaps, Tricare Plus

* Ask your Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and pre-owned vehicle coverage.

windshield repair windsor chatham

Windshield Repair

No need to wait, repair those cracks and chips on your windshield. Coverage is provided for the repair of minor stone chips or cracks due to road hazard damage to the windshield.

dent ding lally

Dent & Ding Protection

Park anywhere with confidence. With Tricare Plus, coverage is provided for the repair of minor dings and/or dents on the outer body panels of the vehicle, provided the paint is not broken or missing before or after the ding or dent is repaired under the (PDR) process.

Key & Remote Replacement

Don’t lose sleep over lost or damaged keys. Keys and remotes are expensive to replace. Coverage is provided for the replacement of the Key/Remote if it is accidentally lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Flat tires are the most common cause of vehicle breakdown. With Tricare Plus, coverage is provided for flat tires and damaged rims due to a road hazard.

Cosmetic Wheel & Rim Repair

Keep your wheels looking new. Coverage is provided for cosmetic wheel damage due to a road hazard.

headlight and taillight repair lally

Head & Tail Light Protection

Keep the road ahead bright. Coverage is provided for headlights, fog lights and taillights that are damaged as a result of a road hazard.

rip tear burn protection lally windsor chatham

Rip, Tear & Burn Protection

For life’s little accidents. Coverage is provided for accidental rips, tears and burns.

spot stain removal lally windsor chatham

Spot Stain Removal

With Tricare Plus, coverage is provided for the cleaning of a seat that becomes accidentally soiled.