Shop N’ Go Contest Details & Entry Form

Attention Kids, It's Contest Time! Are you our future Salesperson?

We want everyone to cherish and enjoy this extra time at home and with family, so we came up with something fun to do! We have a fun activity you can do and a contest where everyone wins!

Lally contest winner

At home, looking for an activity and a chance to win a prize?

Create an exciting funny video with your child selling us their toy and the video with the most likes will win a POWER WHEELS! Also every child who participates will get a new toy in the mail! Everyone is a winner!

What Do I Need To Do To Enter?

NOTE: Open to kids aged 1-8. Parents (18 or older) must enter the contest on the child's behalf

1. Film your child "selling" one of their favorite toy vehicles

2. Upload it to Instagram or Facebook with the hash tag #shopngocontest

3. Post your video to the public and share

4. Once you've created your video, please complete the form at the bottom of this page, so that we may send a "Thank-you" gift for your child for playing along with us!

How Do I Upload a Video on Facebook?

1. Click the “Like” button

2. Click the “Posts” section and enter your captivating catch phrase. Be sure to use the hashtag #shopngocontest

3. Click Photo/Video to the location of your video Select your video and click Done

4. Click Publish/Post to upload your video to the Lally Auto Group Facebook page

How Do I Upload a Video to Instagram?

NOTE: For Profiles set to Private, you will need to set your Profile to Public in order for your video to appear to #shopngocontest. To adjust this, open your Instagram app on your mobile device, go to your Profile and tap “Edit Your Profile”

1. Login to your personal Instagram account and click the “+” sign to upload your video

2. Select your video from the location on your mobile, then click Next to go through a series of Edits

3. Enter your captivating catch phrase. Be sure to use the hashtag #shopngocontest. Optional, you may post to your Facebook account as well

4. When complete, click Share

Need assistance in uploading your video? Please private message us through either Facebook or Instagram as we'd be glad to help!

Contest Runs from March 25th to April 22nd, 2020

Lally contest winner

Fill out this form once you've uploaded your video to receive your free toy in the mail!

Please add the parent's email address
Please enter mailing address so that we may be able to send your child's gift
Please provide best phone number to contact you
Please enter your child's age. "Thank-you" gifts are suitable for ages 2-8