Road Hazard

"Flat Tires" Are the main cause of vehicle breakdowns.

Tires are often the most overlooked part of a vehicle, especially in relation to how important they are to the safety of everyone inside and outside of the vehicle. As you drive 100 km/hour on the highway the only thing keeping your 2,000 lb vehicle moving forward, on the road, and in between the lines is the four wheels on the ground. If any of those four wheels were to lose traction or burst, there would be serious consequences. Our car's tires are vulnerable to all kinds of problems. A road hazard, like running into potholes, nails, and debris, is awfully common. Then there are manufacturing gaffes, which are rare. When the unexpected road hazard does happen, the results can be more than deflating—they can be expensive as well as inconvenient. Tire problems on the road are a real threat. Sometimes the consequences are deadly. When a tire fails, owners may first call their roadside assistance hotline or a service department to get a mobile technician. Most of us use our tires far longer than the manufacturer's warranty provides coverage. Tricor offers extended warranty coverage on tires and rims, including balancing and roadside assistance.


  • 100% direct reimbursement for “FLAT” tires and rim repair
  • No pro-rating / zero deductible
  • Covers all taxes plus cost for mounting and balancing
  • Pays up to $100 in emergency road service charges
  • Covers all tires on your vehicle for the entire term of your contract




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