Nitrogen Air Tires

nitrogen air filled tires

Nitrogen Air Tires

Nitrogen's larger molecules prevent it from seeping out of a tire as quickly as air.

Using nitrogen to fill your tires, which has been done for years in race/sports cars, commercial airliners and long distance trucks, allows tires to retain correct pressure much longer.

Small amounts of air naturally leak out of tires over time, especially when tires are subject to large temperature swings. This is because the walls of tires are slightly porous. When a tire gets hot the air inside it expands. The added pressure pushes minute quantities of air out through the pores, so you occasionally have to get your air topped off even if your tire doesn’t have a hole.

Nitrogen tires don’t lose tire pressure as fast as air-filled tires. Since nitrogen molecules are bigger than normal air molecules, it is harder for them to leak out. This means a tire filled with nitrogen will maintain air pressure longer. Therefore, they say, you’ll roll on tires that are always properly inflated, resulting in better fuel economy and longer tire life.

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Benefits of Nitrogen Air Filled Tires


Nitrogen filled tires stay inflated almost 4 times as long as air filled tires. If tires leak less, they stay properly inflated longer which prevents premature tire wear.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises that gas mileage can be improved significantly by keeping vehicle tires within the recommended pressure range.


Most drivers rarely check tire pressure, as a result, tires are often under-inflated. This can lead to a tire failure such as tread separation, blowouts and flat tires. Properly inflated tires improve the steering, stopping, traction and load-carrying capability of your vehicle.

* Ask your dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and pre-owned vehicle coverage.