Finance Department


Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle in southwestern Ontario we’re here to help find you the best financing plan to fit your family’s unique situation and needs. Everyone is different and that’s why we tailor our service to you, an individual. We are committed to high quality customer at Lally Auto Group. So when you speak to our finance experts you will get the best possible results. We are here to help with vehicle financing in Tilbury, Chatham, Lakeshore, Leamington, Windsor, Dresden, Pain Court, Kingsville, Belle River and everyone else in Southwestern Ontario.


Lally Auto Group’s finance experts want to get to know you and work with you to find the best financial options available. We know financing a vehicle is a big purchase and can seem daunting. We want you to know all the options available to you and your family so you can make an informed decision that fits your family’s needs. Our financial experts know vehicle financing in southwestern Ontario like the back of their hands, so they can answer every single one of your questions with expertise to back it up.

Low interest car loans are available for those of you with existing loans. Lally Auto Group’s finance experts can help you refinance your car loan or adjust the term of the contract to fit your needs. You’re just a hop, skip and jump away from approved car financing in Tilbury, Chatham, Windsor, Pain Court, Leamington, Kingsville, Belle River, Lakeshore and Dresden! To find out the value of your trade by filling in our online trade-in form. Then you can fill out our application for credit to start the ball rolling towards your new vehicle.


At Lally Auto Group we understand that everyone’s personal situation is completely unique. So, all types of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for an vehicle financing plan. No credit? No problem at all! We can work closely with you to secure a no-credit vehicle loan if your situation demands it. Since Lally Auto Group is a combination of numerous dealerships we have strong relationships with major financial institutions. This makes us able to commit to finding you the perfect vehicle financing company to suit your car finance needs. We understand the importance of having a safe and reliable vehicle for your family so we will try to work with you no matter what that circumstances are!


Are you looking for a way to upgrade your vehicle more often? How does a new vehicle every few years sound? If these things sound like something you want, then vehicle leasing with Lally Auto Group is for you. This way you can upgrade your ride after the term of your lease and start a new one. If you want to purchase the vehicle after then that option is available to you too. You pay the leasing rate, at your preferred interval and you get to always enjoy your vehicle.