CERAMX Paint Protection

CeramX Paint Protection is the next evolution in maintaining any vehicle’s paint finish.

You want to keep your car looking as amazing as it did the day you drove it off the lot. Repel dirt and debris, make your car easier to clean and keep it looking its best every day. That requires the best performing protection product on the market. If you want the best, CeramX paint protection is the #1 option and backed by a five-year warranty.

Our specialized Silicon Carbide Ceramic Coating was engineered by the same scientist that brought clear coat technology to automotive paint.

As such, our formulation has been specifically designed to activate with the clear coat of any vehicle, forming a more hydrophobic durable extension of its paint, instead of residing on top, as many other silicon dioxide ceramic and polymer products do.

It’s the protection your vehicle was designed for, so give it what it wants.

Warranty Coverage Up To 5 Yrs

  • Bird droppings
  • Industrial fall-out
  • Salt damage
  • Tree sap damage
  • Road tar damage
  • Insect damage
  • Overspray
  • Acid rain damage




How To Maintain Paint Finish

To maintain your paint finish, simply wash and dry your car as required using a car wash soap. Do not use detergents or dish washing liquids, as these are high in alkaline and will damage your finish.

If you want to wax your car, use an automotive wax that does not contain compounds or grit which may damage your paint finish. We cannot recommend specific brands or types of waxes, as we are not sure of their individual chemical makeup. Some waxes include compounds that remove the top layer of oxidized clear coat – this will remove your sealant.

Adds a layer of protection that will keep your vehicle’s new car vibrancy and shine for years.




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