Charity CarBQ Rental

The Lally Auto Group is a proud supporter of numerous charitable organizations in our local communities. One new way we are trying to help out is by providing our portable barbeque (we call it the "CarBQ") for non-profit events and fundraisers. We supply the BBQ and propane for free, so that there is one less thing for organizers and volunteers to worry about during the next big event!

The CarBQ is in high demand during the summer months and available on a first come first serve basis. So please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and get your date request in early. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability and help answer any questions you may have. When its time for you to pick up the CarBQ, refer back to this page for specific instructions and information to make sure you're prepared.

Car BQ Information

Cooking for a cause community Car-BQ vehicle

About the CarBQ

  • The CarBQ is equipped with two 4 burner barbeques, a small sink with hot water (must plug in for hot water), two coolers, a warming tray and a large storage area.
  • Two propane tanks will be supplied full or near full.
  • Fire extinguisher provided.
  • The trailer has a 2" ball and is relatively light and tows well behind a properly equipped half-tonne truck.
  • The CarBQ is based out of Lally Chevrolet in the Tilbury Auto Mall and must be picked up and dropped off from there.

The Rules

  • Only for use for charitable events and at no cost. Not available for private parties or for profit business.
  • Pick up and drop off times given must be followed because the CArBQ is very busy.
  • For after hour & Sunday pick-up times, BBQ will be parked on east lot of dealership.
  • Any damage to the BBQ is the responsibility of the client.
  • Any tickets (parking, speeding) are the responsibility of the client.
  • The Lally Auto Group is not responsible for loss or damages to the CarBQ while it’s in the possession of the client.
  • The Lally Auto Group has the right to refuse/rescind CarBQ rental for any reason at any time.
Cooking food on a barbeque
Two grills side by side

Summary of What You Need

    We Supply:
  • BBQs
  • Propane
  • Sink
  • Coolers
    You'll Need:
  • Properly equipped tow vehicle
  • 2" Ball Hitch
  • BBQ Utensils, flippers, scrapers etc
  • Properly trained grill masters
  • Power connection (if needed)
  • Water connection (if needed)

Hook Up Procedure

A truck hitch

Your vehicle must be equipped to tow a trailer of approx 4,000lbs. This includes having a 2" ball hitch installed, ensuring a secure connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer.

7 Prong electrical connector

In addition to the trailer, it is essential for the tow vehicle to be equipped with a "7 prong" electrical connector. Please see the attached image above so that you know what to look for.

Aligning ball and securing trailer

Back up to the trailer to align ball under tongue of trailer. Lower trailer to ball by cranking the jack counter-clockwise. Lower the clasp and secure with pin. Secure the jack in the up position.

Making sure ball coupler is securely fastened

Double check to ensure that the trailer ball coupler is securely fastened to the hitch and the latch pin is in place and secure.

Attaching safety chains for security

Attach safety chains. Ensure they are secure.

Hooking up the plug

Hook up plug. Check signal lights and brake lights.

Using The CarBQ

Unlocking lid latches

Ensure the lid latches are in the unlocked position as can be seen in the attached photo above.

Accessing lid motor controls

Open the front storage box and press the up button to raise the lid. Adjust as necessary by lowering it at least 6" or more.

Installing black bib on CarBQ trailer

Install the black bib, stored in the front box, to the side of the CarBQ to protect it during cooking.

BBQ controls are in off position

Check BBQ controls and ensure they are all in the off position.

Opening both propane tank valves

Open both propane tank valves fully in the storage box.

Turning on the BBQ control knobs

Turn on the control knobs and press the ignitors to light the BBQ.

Open gas flap

To use water, fill tank using connection in the gas flap.

Extension cord outlet on driver's front underside

Plug in trailer to extension cord. Outlet is located on the driver's front underside of the trailer.

Turning on hot water heater

Pull the red knob to turn on the hot water heater.

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Submission of this form is not confirmation of availability of The Lally Auto Group’s CarBQ for your event.

You can expect a response to your request in 5-7 days of submitting your application, via email, with further instructions.

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